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Empower your Tech Journey
with MENT

AI-powered mentorship matchmaking to boost career opportunities and residency success for international students.

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Unlock Your Career Potential

1. Free Access to Mentorship: Gain valuable insights and guidance from experienced industry professionals without any cost.


2. Career Advancement: Enhance your employability through targeted mentorship that helps you secure internships and jobs.


3. Residency Success: Achieve permanent residency by improving your chances of post-graduation employment.


4. Advanced AI Tools: Benefit from our matchmaking algorithm, automated scheduling, question generation, and note-taking tools that streamline the mentorship process.


Empower the Next Generation

1. Pay It Forward: Share your knowledge and experience to help international students succeed in their careers.


2. Refine Soft Skills: Improve your own communication and leadership skills through the mentorship experience.


3. Flexible Engagement: Our automated scheduling tool makes it easy to fit mentorship sessions into your busy schedule.


4. Contribute to a Community: Join a network of professionals dedicated to fostering the next generation of talent.

How MENT Works

Advanced Matchmaking

Our sophisticated AI algorithms connect international students with industry mentors who can provide the guidance and support needed for career success.

Question Generation

Engage in meaningful conversations with our AI-driven question generation tool, designed to facilitate insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.

Automated Scheduling

Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating meetings. Our platform automates scheduling, ensuring that mentors and mentees can focus on what truly matters.

Note-Taking Tool

Capture key insights and learnings from each mentorship session, ensuring that valuable knowledge is never lost.

Our Partners:

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