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Empower your Tech Journey
with MENT

Personalized Mentorship for International Students in Tech

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Meet your mentor with MENT<> AI

Finding a mentor is an unusually difficult, erratic and messy process - but not with MENT!

     Tailored guidance to your unique ambitions and needs.

     Roadmap for your career journey, helping you navigate with confidence.

     Valuable introductions and connections in your field, expanding your professional network in a way that suits your goals.

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Build a community

Gain access to driven students, other industry professionals and recruiters!

     Help international students adapt to their new environment, fostering a smoother transition into the host country's culture and academic system.

     Provide guidance on study strategies, time management, and coursework, enhancing academic performance.

     Encourage personal growth, self-confidence, and leadership skills, which are crucial for success in a foreign environment

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Social Responsibility & Giving Back 

Former international alumni support the next generation in overcoming professional barriers, fostering diversity and equity in the system.

Diversity &


MENT aims to promote equal opportunities for international students by showcasing their testimonials to level the playing field with recruiters.

Innovation & Advancement

MENT leverages AI to streamline mentorship, offering user-friendly support, expanding networks, and opening career doors.


See what our members are saying

A game-changer! Personalized mentorship set me apart from my peers.

Sofia Chen
4th Year Undergraduate, McMaster

MENT allowed me to pay forward the help I received when I came to Canada.

Alejandro Morales
Project Manager, AMD

Good experience

Jing Wang

Project Manager, TD Bank

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